Conquer financial literacy with video games

Game-based user engagement for the financial space

Tradelite is the only games platform for “financial entertainment”. From financial educators to services providers, let your customers PLAY to LEARN about finance and about your products.

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Harness the power of “Play”

It’s a well-known fact: when done right, games not only fire up enthusiasm very effectively but also encourage learning.

Financial Entertainment games are for everyone


Play games and PvP tournaments powered by real knowledge and live markets. Learn real financial skills through play. Be rewarded for your skills.

  • Play-to-Learn real financial skills
  • Learn-to-Earn crypto assets
  • Grow financial literacy
  • Practice financial skills without risks
  • Have fun


Education providers, financial news publishers, investment advisors, banks or trading apps can meet customers and offer product, services and engagement the future-proof way.

  • Broaden customer reach
  • Create new products & services
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Decrease customer acquisition cost
  • Be future-proof

Games Developers

Create fun and make an impact with a topic that has unlimited global demand – personal finance and money skills.

  • Co-create a new game genre
  • Source excitement from the never-boring financial market
  • Increase target audience
  • Access a new B2B distribution channel
  • Use games to make an impact in people’s financial wellbeing


Mogaland is the world’s first Play-to-Learn game for improving financial literacy. All gameplays provide either real financial knowledge or live connection to financial markets. By playing, players can intuitively improve their personal finance skills and enjoy the excitement of the real financial market without putting your savings on the line.



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Have fun, complete challenges and beat enemies to protect and grow Mogaland, a decentralized world of financial literacy and freedom.

  • Games
  • PvP tournaments
  • Real-world information



Learn and practice financial skills with real market movements while having fun, without the need to put savings on the line.

  • Financial knowledge
  • Real market volatility
  • Transferable skills

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Ecosystem, Web 3.0 and blockchain combined to revolutionalize the journey from learning about to earning from personal finance skills.

  • Ecosystem of knowledge, service and prize contributors
  • Web 3.0 and blockchain
  • Real rewards

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