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Mogaland - where fun fuels financial savviness

Creating Onchain Financial Savviness


Play financial edutainment mini games to learn financial knowledge and increase crypto literacy.

  • Play-to-Learn financial skills
  • Learn-to-Earn web3 rewards
  • Create onchain financial personas

Web3 Brands

Meet, educate and qualify users.

  • Meet web3 financially savvy users
  • Navigate regulatory requirements
  • Maximize product-user fit

Pilot Project

Mogaland is the world’s first platform where learning about finance means playing fun and immersive games.

Leveraging Learn-to-Earn mechanism, Mogaland not only educates users about web3, but also rewards them with NFTs and tokens.

The aim is to create financially savvy users substantiated by their onchain financial personas.

hordes hero dark diamond


Play, defeat enemies, unlock treasures and dominate leader boards.

  • Free-to-play
  • Strategy RPG
  • Real financial data & knowledge



Learn to level up and create onchain financial behavioral data.

  • Play-to-learn
  • Share knowledge
  • Onchain proof of financial literacy



Earn with Web3 technologies enabled incentives & beyond.

  • Free mint NFT
  • Token-economic reward
  • Soul bound ID

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