Video games for conquering the financial world

Tradelite is the only platform for building and distributing financial entertainment (FE) games.

The only platform for building and distributing financial entertainment games at speed. From financial services providers to game developers, use Tradelite’s platform to bring real financial data into games, and offer exciting and educational financial entertainment (FE) games to your audience.

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Harness the power of “Play”

It’s a well-known fact: when done right, games not only fire up enthusiasm very effectively but also encourage learning.

Who benefits from utilizing Financial Entertainment games?

Financial Service Providers

Acquire, educate, engage and retain customers. Increase customers life-time value.

  • Increase target audience typography
  • Broaden customer reach
  • Create new products & services
  • Increase customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  • Decrease customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Transform brand image

Financial Publishers

Interactive engagement, new revenue streams and 3 billion potential users world-wide.

  • Turn content into interactive games
  • Increase target audience typography
  • Increase engagement and retention
  • Increase traffic and page impressions
  • Create new monetization models
  • Increase average revenue per user (ARPU)

Games Developers

Create fun in a genre with unlimited global demand – finance and money. Gain new players, new monetization models and new distribution channels.

  • Compete in a new game genre
  • Create fun with 24/7 real world event-driven content and uncompromizable non-AI dependent data
  • Increase target audience typography
  • Access new B2B distribution channels
  • Create new monetization models

Our ecosystem

Three data-driven

Whether you’d like to drive customer acquisition, add an interactive element to your customer engagement, increase financial literacy or create innovative services, we have an FE games solution that best fits your business objectives.

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White Label

A complete end-to-end service, featuring all the latest, innovative FE games produced and operated by Tradelite. Benefit from ready-to-distribute FE games, an integrated payment system and a powerful data dashboard.

  • Innovative out-of-the-box FE games
  • Data analytics dashboard
  • Branding and advertising options
  • Operate under pre-built Tradelite infrastructure
  • 700+ Payment methods
  • Managed services for games and players
  • B2B support
  • B2C support



For providers who want to offer proprietary gaming, education or financial products and services through FE games. Tradelite offers a range of tools and APIs that integrate our FE gaming and/or transactional solutions into your own platform.

Additional services are available for custom integrations and the adaptation of game visuals, to match unique branding requirements.

  • Innovative out-of-the-box FE games
  • Data analytics dashboard
  • Branding and advertising options
  • Game visual adaptation options
  • Enterprise APIs
  • B2B support

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Development Toolkit

Accelerate the development of your own financial games by leveraging the Tradelite Game Platform and its powerful gaming engines.

  • Unique game mechanics powered by real or live financial data
  • Compatible with Unity
  • Game Developer APIs – securely connect your custom-built game frontend and integrate your existing platforms and infrastructure for a seamless user experience
  • SDKs – quickly and cost-effectively jump-start your financial game development
  • Data analytics dashboard
  • Access to financial and educational game distribution channels
  • B2B support