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Power-up Your Future Customers

“GAME OVER” is what we think of when it comes to expensive and repetitive customer acquisition and engagement strategies. Boost your customer numbers with a solution that’ll not only improve your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and ROI, but also make your customers fall in love with you.

Introducing the first-ever financial entertainment (FE) games platform, designed for enthusiasts of financial engagement.

Easily create and launch fun and engaging edutainment experiences that’ll financially empower your future customers.

For the Financial Services industry,
this is massively game-changing!

FME Games

A more engaging way to learn

More financially literate would-be customers

More value for FS providers and customers

win win bar chart

It’s a Sure-Fire

The benefit to any business operating in the financial world is huge.

And that includes the full spectrum of companies… whether you’re a bank, an investment management company, an online trading platform or a financial media publisher.

All the bonus points you could win:

Easily create new products, new services and new revenue streams

Expand your target audience and appeal to next-gen customers

Massively reduce your customer acquisition costs

Know your customer (KYC)
via behavioural data

Increase customer lifetime value through game-based engagement

Boost your innovation credentials

Ready. Aim. Inspire!

It’s a well-known fact: when done right, games are not only a powerful way to educate but also very effective at firing-up enthusiasm.

Better yet, game-based learning is the perfect medium for giving financial literacy the shot in the arm it deserves. Say goodbye to the days when this kind of financial knowledge was seen as ‘far too complicated’ or ‘boring’ for the ordinary person on the street.

Introducing a bank of gaming experiences you can use almost immediately with your new would-be investors.

One dashboard
to rule them all

We’re about giving you all the control you need to quickly and effectively distribute games that suit your needs. Which is why we’ve built a nifty, easy-to-use dashboard.

One sassy Game SaaS platform, complete with all the tools you need:

WYSIWYG game designer

easily set up and deploy games

Plug in live data from financial markets

use it to drive exciting gameplay based on the real world

Game analytics

track how your games are performing

Data-driven player insights

find out what motivates your customers

Get to know your customers

turn gameplay data into future products and services you know they’ll like

Platform is agnostic

flexibly supporting various compliance models

Welcome to the revolution…
and we’re just getting started!


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