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  • Tradelite Solutions is reinventing how people build financial literacy, with games.

    Financial literacy is the knowledge and skills needed to make informed and effective decisions about money and assets, including personal financial management, budgeting and investing.

    Fintech democratized the access to financial services, and now Tradelite is using games to revolutionize how people build knowledge and skills by combining the fun of gaming, the never-ending excitement of real markets and the possibility to be rewarded for learning in one platform.

    We are doing this because personal finance is not taught (enough) and when it is taught, the content is often boring, hard to digest and even harder to apply in real life. Financial service providers have the legal responsibility to inform their customers and make sure people understand the meaning and implication of financial products and services, like trading and investing, but most budgets are spend on marketing communication instead of making decision-relevant information accessible and understandable, which can make it very difficult for consumers to find objective information. That’s why we turned to video games, an engagement channel loved by over 3 billion people globally, to facilitate learning financial skills.

    Very importantly, we believe gamification is not enough. Gamifying trading is like adding points, trophies and badges to a real cockpit; that’s toying with people’s lives and that’s dangerous.


    We combine thoughtful game design and professional learning design with real financial knowledge and live market data to achieve Play to Learn. Thanks to our partner ecosystem approach, web3 and blockchain technologies, we transform the journey between learning financial skills to earning from financial skills with the possibility to Learn to Earn.

Meet the Team

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  • Our Mission

    Go beyond gamification and bring real financial engagement into the limitless world of video games.

  • Our Vision

    Enable EVERYONE to be a winner in the market.

Tradelite in the media

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    Gaming could reduce the gamble for users of online finance


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