About us

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Our story so far…

  • Matthias, Tracy and Uwe, the three founders of Tradelite Solutions, are FinTech veterans with several successful entrepreneurships under their belts. But they shared the feeling of “unfinished business” when it comes to digital customer engagement in the financial world.

    Over the years, all three have recognised a growing gap between consumers and financial service providers. While providers work on complex product design and over-sophisticated (confusing) communication, customers are turning to easily accessible channels like Reddit, YouTube and even video games to consume financial knowledge and products.

    The result: financial service providers are being cut out of the loop by more exciting and engaging propositions.

  • Our story so far…

    In 2020, Tradelite Solutions was founded to transform the engagement model, the reach and the monetization model in the financial world with video games. We offer a B2B2C platform solution that addresses business challenges for service providers and bring concreate value and fun to consumers.

    Tradelite Financial Entertainment. Beyond games and beyond financial services.

Meet the founders

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  • Our Mission

    Go beyond gamification and bring real financial data and interactions into the limitless world of video games.

  • Our Vision

    Make the world finance accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Tradelite in the media

  • Gaming could reduce the gamble for users of online finance

    Gaming could reduce the gamble for users of online finance


  • Banking on the game

    Banking on the game

    The Finanser by Chris Skinner